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Why Use Our Website?

Legitimate Codes

I'm sure you've already visited webistes trying to get an iTunes gift code and they gave you fake codes. Well, that's not us. All of our codes are bought from legitimate vendors accross the world. These codes are guaranteed to work every time and they pose no threat to your account or whatsoever.

Simple and Easy

You don't have to worry about spending hours on our website trying to get a code from us. The whole process of getting a code from our website takes less than 5 minutes from the time you land on our website! Don't believe us? Watch our tutorial video and see how long it takes us!

Safe and Secured

Our system stores unused codes that are requested everytime a user ask for an iTunes code. After a code has been given to a user, our system automatically dispose used codes. Therefore, all codes we have here are working.

About Our Website

We provide our users and visitors real and legitimate iTunes Codes that are used to buy premium songs, movies, games and in-app purchases.
Our codes are given by some of our sponsors and also brought by us from legitimate vendors all over the world. Due to abuse that happened before, we now required our users and visitors to complete a short survey in order to get a code from us.

Our system currently allows every visitor to get one iTunes Codes every 24 hours. So please make sure not to abuse our system or your IP will be banned automatically. Codes are sent through the email you used in completing a short survey.

We always add fresh and new codes daily so  you don't have to worry about us running out of codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I complete a survey?

Due to the abuse that happened last time, our team and  sponsors who provide us the codes decided to require to use survey to help us protect from users who abuse our system.

How can I get my code after completing a survey?

Your code will show up in the page where the survey came from. Our system is also designed to send an email to you right after the verification if the survey is properly done.

I already completed a survey but still don't receive an email or code has not yet been unlocked.

Our system might took some time to verify your activity. Usually after completion codes will be unlocked automatically and duplicate code will be sent to your email. If more than 5 mins has passed and still don't receive any update, our system might detect you as spam. If that happens please restart your modem and try again.

There are no survey available in my country. What should I do?

Our system is integrated to give surveys for each country and device. If you access this website using your mobile device and no survey available, please use your computer to access this website. Sometimes we have no offers available in each platform.

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